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What is Trascendental?

Nanotechnology will cure cancer, clean up pollution and alleviate world hunger.

Eric Drexler

Seven protagonists are responsible for putting the world upside down by developing nanotechnology through crowdfunding and involving research centers around the world. They are ordering the pieces of that puzzle and solving the many problems that have caused the status quo and part of society.

The novel has 90% of dialogue, and there are many ethical issues to discuss. In these debates participate from Mario Draghi, Elon Musk, NASA ... to the Pope.

The novel

Access this section to get yourself into this hard sci-fi story.

The Foundation

Know here Transcendental in depth through its mission, vision and values.

The characters

Discover the geniuses who participate in this story with a lot of reality


As an aperitif we have released the first three chapters of the novel, both in Ebook format and PDF. Download them through the following links.

Alin Bethsabe

This novel achieves that your mind wants to discover what a distant future holds for us. We are not aware at what speed the world is moving forward. This reading has had me hooked and wanting to know much more. Totally recommended for restless minds.

Héctor Aceituno

Fabulous novel that has managed to awaken my curiosity about transhumanism, since I started it, I only think about the thousands of possibilities that open up and I wonder what the limits will be. 100% recommended, I hope to read sooner.

Fernando Barrero

From the first paragraph I was hooked, making live the situation at every moment and leaving me a great thirst for more to finish the 3 chapters. I look forward to the rest of the novel that surely will not leave me indifferent.

Last News

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