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  •  nanotechnology, economics and bitcoin
  1. How will it be a market that no longer manufactures anything but only designs products that users download and manufacture in their homes with 3D nano printers?
  2. How will marketing in a society evolve when nanotechnology allows any object from home to be nanofabricated at zero cost?
  3. Will it overcome the market of emotions to that of products?
  4. What businesses would disappear and which would arise at the nanofabricar at home any object at zero cost?
  5. By eliminating entry barriers to production and logistics, will the enterprise proliferate?
  6. Will the enterprises be atomized, not requiring large manufacturing or logistics structures?
  7. In what needs to satisfy will marketing be focused?
  8. Will Maslow's scale be short?
  9. If working will be an option, by having most of the goods and products free, what motivations will lead people to develop professionally?
  10. If money is reduced in importance, how will talent be motivated to join a project?
  11. Will we start by economic necessity or other values?

And what do you think?

The protagonists of Transcendental scientists answer these questions in the novel, but the interesting thing is to collect the speculations of the readers. Answer the questions you want by leaving your comment in the following form.

You can download, free of charge, the first three chapters of the novel:


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