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The impact of nanotechnology on the economy has yet to be seen. However, in Transcendental we try to anticipate what those consequences might be.

  1. How will it affect the economy nanoreplicar any product from the market at zero cost?

  2. What will a society be like where any product can be nanoreplicated without cost, as is the case today with music?

  3. Can Spotify be disrupted by replicating products that become information through nanotechnology?

  4. How will nanotechnology affect the labor market & nbsp; which will allow nanoreplicating any previously nanoscanned product?

  5. Will the physical money go extinct when nanoreplicate atom by atom through a nanotechnology 3D printer?

  6. The most expensive diamond is worth $ 71M, but its raw material, Carbon, is free. What will happen when diamonds are manufactured using nanotechnology?

  7. The company will nano-scan any product and manufacture it at home with a nanotechnology 3D printer. How will it affect production assets and companies?

  8. Nanoreplication using 3D printersnanotecnología is threatening paper money. Will it be an incentive tocryptocurrencies?

  1. Will nanotechnology 3D nanoreplication be the end of physical money and the door to cryptocurrencies?

  2. Citizens will print everything they need with nanotechnology 3D printers at home, thus needing less income. Will they want to work fewer hours or stop doing it?

  3. In a few decades we will use nanotechnology 3D printers to replicate any product at home for free, so we will work less reducing income. How will the states sustain themselves by not recording VAT and reducing the rent?

  4. Will the nanoreplication of any product, through domestic nanotechnology 3D printers, be the next industrial revolution?

  5. What would a society be like in which, using domestic nanotechnology 3D printers, wealth (any product) would be a good available without having to work?

And...What do you think?

Don't forget that the first three chapters of the novel are available for free, download them through this link. Answer the questions by leaving a comment on the following form.


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