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The chapters

The novel has 26 color illustrations, exclusively illustrated for the occasion. These illustrations serve as a cover for each of the chapters, framing the context and giving them a larger dimension. This is a special edition where all details have been taken care of. 

  1. The apple test
  2. The Limits of Imagination
  3. 3D Nanoimpression
  4. The computational challenge
  5. Ethics and nanotechnology
  6. The puzzle of matter
  7. The new currency
  8. Nanoclonation of organs
  9. Brussels and the Vatican
  10. Nanomedicine
  11. Organic Regeneration
  12. Nanologística
  13. Nano Building
  14. The nanoindustrial revolution
  15. The Holy Grail
  16. The impulse of life
  17. The Human Replication Directive
  18. Traveling at light speed
  19. Mind backup and immortality
  20. Nanointelligence
  21. The Singularity

The Inventions


The novel includes the original plans of the inventions that the team develops. Each one of them appears to double page and color.


Click here to see them in more detail.

Interior illustrations

This edition will also have a series of illustrations within the chapters that show the most important facts that are developed. They serve as homage to the same and are inserted between the chapters as in the stories.