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  • nanotechnology-politics


Nanotechnology will be a new challenge for politics as we know it today. In Transcendental, we anticipate what those consequences might be:

  1. How will a society be managed in which physical goods are free thanks to nanotechnology?
  2. How will an immortal population be managed?
  3. How to maintain the state in a society in which each person is autonomous by making everything they need and does not need to work?
  4. How to tax and sustain the state in a society in which citizens do not work because they have all the products for free, thanks to nanotechnology?
  5. Will taxes on wealth be increased with respect to current income taxes? How to manage health in a society without diseases?
  6. If the money loses relevance, will the effective economic fines be used to admonish those who break the law?
  7. Will a state the size of the current one be less necessary if the needs are met, health is not necessary, and education is acquired without teachers?
  8. Will the trend be a minarchist state (reduced to security, justice and infrastructure) if society is self-sufficient?
  9. Could the state disappear completely, leading to an anarcho-capitalism?

And what do you think?


The protagonists of Transcendental scientists answer these questions in the novel, but the interesting thing is to collect the speculations of the readers. Answer the questions you want by leaving your comment in the following form. You can download, free of charge, the first three chapters of the novel:


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