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The impact of nanotechnology on gastronomy, remains to be seen. However, in Transcendental we try to anticipate what those consequences might be.

  1. Will we have nanotechnology 3D printers at home to nanofabricate food?

  2. Can we nano-scan a 5-jelly ham and nanoreplicate it at home with a 3D nanoprinter that fabricates any food atom by atom?

  3. How will it affect the agri-food sector that we nano-scan any product and nanoreplicate it at home for free from the elements of the periodic table?

  4. Will the solution to animal sacrifice be the nanofabrication of food at home?

  5. Is the solution to overpopulation in the nanofabrication of food from the raw material of the periodic table? Also for politicians, economics ...

  6. Can nanofabrication of food be the solution to world hunger?

  7. What will be the livestock sector when we nanofabriquemos the meat at home at zero cost?

  8. How will restaurants evolve if we can nano-scan any dish and nanoreplicate it at home with our 3D printer nanorobots?

  9. Will there be a movement of natural food that breeds animals and cooks them as now, in the face of the free and ecological nano-gastronomy?

  10. Would you notice the difference between a traditional cooking dish and the same nanofabricated atom by atom?

Y tú... ¿Qué piensas?

Transcendental characters respond to these and other questions, but the interesting thing is to collect the speculations of the readers. Choose the question/s you want and leave your answer/s.

Do not forget that the first three chapters of the novel are available for free, download them through this link. Answer the questions by leaving a comment on the following form.


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